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Our Courses

Australian Campus in Malaysia & Australia

Whether it’s a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or a Graduate Certificate, ANIBT offers local and international students a wide range of relevant and practical courses and qualifications that will prepare you to excel in your chosen vocation.

Upon completion of your Australian studies at ANIBT, you will be equipped to choose from an extensive option of exciting roles in a corporation, small business or you may opt to start your own business.

Benefits of VET Programmes

World-Recognised Certification

The vocational programmes offered by ANIBT are internationally-recognised certifications endorsed by the Australian government and Commonwealth Register of Institutions & Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

Pathways to Degrees

Learning credits earned during the period of study in any internationally-recognised vocational course typically allows credit transfer into degree programmes beginning from the second year of study both locally and abroad.

Smaller Classes

Personalized study groups can be experienced in a vocational programme compared to larger universities. Expect more personal attention while focusing on specialised trainings.

Practical Experience

Vocational education students commonly engage in hands-on practical trainings for their field of study which is often delivered by industry professionals - this can lead to an apprenticeship or a job offer.

Cost Efficiency

Cost-efficiency along with a reduction in the duration or period of study that typically applies to vocational programmes can save a student about 26% of the total cost of a four-year college degree. Vocational courses are less time-consuming and more cost-efficient.

Careers in Australia

Provided the vocational certification obtained meets the Australian market needs, vocational programmes increase employability in careers within Australia, thereby strengthening a graduate's chance of securing meaningful employment in the country.

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