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Chandren Selvadass
Executive Director
ANIBT Malaysia Branch 

I have worked in education for eight years and own four language schools in Malaysia. Many international students have attended my language schools, which has allowed them to experience a different type of learning. I enjoy seeing students develop day-by-day. Studying English in Malaysia provides a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their English before going on to Australia, UK, Canada and USA.


On my recent visit to Australia, I was impressed by their excellent education system. In Australia, there is a fantastic vocational education system, which allows students to take a more practical approach. Rather than focusing on theory, like other academic courses in major universities, students can learn in a practical manner. They are able to improve their presentation, communication and leadership skills through courses such as the Business and Hospitality course, for example. When seeing this education system first hand, I understood the importance of setting up an Australian Vocational Training Centre in Malaysia. This new centre will allow many Malaysian and international students to develop fantastic new skills. From the moment they graduate, they will immediately be ready to work.


Our unique educational pathway in Malaysia has actually shortened the length of time that students need to study for. At our centre, students can now achieve a Degree in two and a half years with Australian and UK certification. This costs less than RM100,000. This is a fantastic opportunity for all students.

Chandren Selvadass
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